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What’s new in the remarkable world of recycling technology?

The global recycling tech market will be worth over US$ 1 billion by 2025. This includes advanced sorting, washing, shredding and digital solutions that are frequently updated to meet the demands of a highly competitive waste management industry.

Let’s face it, at the rate of today’s innovation it is impossible to track all progress in this area. We’ve outlined the most unique projects, equipment and processes that helped shape the industry this past year. You guessed it: our new edition of Recycling Technology is out now. Read the magazine here – all articles can be viewed free of charge!

So which topics are covered?

  • robotics trends
  • mercury recovery
  • sorting best practices
  • R&D projects and investments
  • chemical recycling of plastics
  • cutting-edge ‘microfactory’ technology
  • battery breakthroughs
  • efficient ways to handle electronics
  • smart systems for textiles
  • car plastics treatments in Asia
  • robust shredding equipment
  • digital and integrated solutions
  • And more…

Once again, engineers, recyclers, tech providers and academics have contributed to this publication. This gives you a unique look behind the scenes at leading companies and universities.

Browse the latest technology news here.

You can also check out the previous editions of Recycling Technology here:

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