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2022 is the year of George Adams

Against strong headwinds, the owner of US metal recycling giant SA Recycling has grown his business to a US$ 3.6 billion (EUR 3.2 billion) turnover enterprise with 125 yards and facilities. This puts it among the top three (if not the biggest) metal recyclers in the country.

Adams made Recycling International’s Top 100, coming in at #1 this year. The entrepreneur plans to continue that growth path. ‘We will acquire more yards that complement our existing businesses. Because of our size now, I believe our growth will accelerate even more in the future. The more yards you own, the more money you make and therefore the more capital you have to buy more yards.’

Adams has a warning about the hungry US steel industry. ‘With new steel mills being built, there will be a shortage of scrap. I believe that steel makers will feel the need to try to control their supply. We have seen multiple examples of this with many large acquisitions of scrap businesses and I don’t believe the consolidation will stop there.’

Would he ever sell up himself? ‘No way!’ I’ve been approached many times but the truth is that I’ve never sold a single yard. I believe SA Recycling has made more acquisitions in the past ten years than anybody in the US but we have never sold one of our yards. SA Recycling and the scrap business is really my life; I would never sell.’

Adams is not only interested in personal achievements – he wants to help others to be successful, too. In his book ‘Create the Connection’, Adams shares 25 strategies for success in leadership. One of his lessons: ‘I’ve always believed that success in business doesn’t mean much if you’re not also successful in life.’

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