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Virtual Trade Show: Sims Lifecycle Services

‘Regardless of its function, most electronics manage data in some way whether on a hard drive, USB flash drive or memory card. While this is not a new concept when managing equipment in its live environment, it is often overlooked when it comes to responsible IT asset disposal,’ observes Sims Lifecycle Services. It cites a recent report from Deloitte stating that 33% of IT executives have little or no formal IT governance policies in place. << Part of our Virtual Trade Show >>

The Sims crew is sorting motherboards and hard drives for recycling.

‘If you are not already considering data security in your electronics recycling plan, it would be best to prioritise it now,’ the company urges. Reports show the global average cost of a data breach to be US$ 3.86 million.

Inside the data centre
The shredding line
Output fractions

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