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Don’t let corona get you down!

Since we are all being confronted with a ‘new normal’ scenario it has become clear to us that our sales department must take a different approach in order to keep meeting customer expectations.

What does this mean? We are determined to make up for the cancelled trade shows and conferences. How? We are offering our online platform to serve as a virtual trade show – a place where you can exhibit your latest products, solutions and projects. Your corporate stories and product showcases will be at the heart of, and they will also receive generous attention in the upcoming issues of our magazine.   

Let’s go over the details of our virtual trade show. We will give you the freedom to combine various options, including; feature-length articles with integrated videos and podcasts, photo galleries, opinion pieces, technical blogs, dedicated newsletters, social media campaigns – anything to keep you on the radar for all those in the worldwide recycling industry. 

We realise it is of utmost importance to increase the visibility of your business, now more than ever. Together, as partners in branding, we can ensure that your message is not lost and that your voice reaches your audience loud and clear.

For more information, contact sales manager Judith Wanjala via [email protected]

Would you like to share any interesting developments or article ideas with us? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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