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XRF and belt technology combine to tackle finer material

Redwave has unveiled a new XRF sensor-based sorting machine with a belt system machine to focus on material within the 4-25mm size range.

The company says its Redwave XRF Fine ‘sets new benchmarks for sorting fine materials in the metal recycling industry’ to produce high-quality products such as pure copper, brass, zinc and precious metal fractions. Fine material within the 4-25mm size range is a challenge when the machinery relies on a chute system that works well for coarse material. Redwave says the limitations of a chute system include:

  • The slipping behaviour of fine material differs from that of coarse and controlling it can be difficult
  • Fine material tends to stick to slides
  • The trajectory of small pieces in a slide system can be unpredictable

The Redwave machine employs a belt instead of a chute, offering several claimed advantages: the speed of the material remains consistent, ensuring uniform conveyance of the material on the belt system; the trajectory of the material is predictable and constant; and it is better-suited for small, round, and rolling parts. The new machine has more energy-saving valves arranged and spaced to maximize sorting accuracy. Its sensor technology offers faster scan rates, a higher resolution, and more precise material detection.

The Austrian manufacturer points out that, currently, mixed fractions of fine scrap metal are typically shipped to Asian countries. ‘Metal recyclers could achieve significant economic benefits by separating both common metals and precious metals from the mixed fraction and selling them individually at a much higher price,’ it points out.

Company ceo Silvia Schweiger-Fuchs says the XRF Fine is a significant breakthrough for the recycling industry. ‘The technology promises to unlock new opportunities for metal recyclers across the globe to more effectively conserve and recover valuable resources, ultimately benefiting both their business and the environment.’

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