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UK’s Lancashire Waste Recycling fuelling up for expansion

United Kingdom – UK firm Lancashire Waste Recycling has received a £575 000 (US$ 820 000) debt funding package from the Northern Powerhouse Fund to expand the conversion into fuel of household waste that would otherwise be landfilled. The move will create 15 jobs.

The money will enable the company to acquire biomass boilers to dry out the fuel and turn it into pellets ‘which can be used in almost any industry’.

The recycler says the investment will make it ‘the first in the UK’ to offer solid renewable fuel pellets. These are in growing demand worldwide as a replacement for coal and are claimed to be of higher quality and more environmentally friendly than pellets made from, for instance, discarded rubber tyres.

Together with its sister company Envirofuel, Lancashire Waste Recycling processes upwards of 150 000 tonnes of waste per annum. The company has plans to set up another plant in the next three years.


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