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Partners target aluminium scrap in power cables

Trimet and Nexans have developed an alloy with recycled aluminium content for the production of rods used in electrical cables.

The partners aim to meet the strict requirements of mechanical properties and conductivity while reducing the alloy’s carbon footprint. ‘Until now, power cables have been manufactured exclusively on the basis of primary aluminium,’ they point out.

Trimet and Nexans cite energy savings as a plus and material impurities as a downside of using scrap. The collaborative project hopes to optimise raw material supply and innovative material development. For example, Nexans has refined the sorting of aluminum scrap at European production sites through RecyCâbles, a Nexans-Suez joint venture, while gearing its collection to recycle electrical cables.

Meanwhile, Trimet has closed the material cycle by using the scrap in a high-quality alloy that meets the full range of requirements for mechanical and electrical performance.

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