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Build-up with a demolition focus

The RecyclingAKTIV & TiefbauLIVE trade fair (RATL) in Germany later this month is timely as it will focus on the controlled demolition and selective deconstruction of buildings ahead of new German legislation on sustainable building materials.

The Karlsruhe event from 27-29 April will also look at the path from construction waste to tested, certified and quality-assured materials, and provide inspiration for businesses. Exhibitors at RATL will showcase economical material processing solutions for industry, the construction and recycling sector, gardening and landscaping. Applications include crushing and screening old wood and cuttings, recycling scrap, metal and commercial waste, processing topsoil in construction and shredding old tyres.

Presentations from manufacturers include the Crambo series of low-speed, dual-shaft shredders from Komptech,Lindner’sUrraco 4000 series of shredders, Eggersmannis presenting Teuton’snew single-shaft shredder and a mobile star screen. The shredders are on show at a special theme area featuring wood and biomass.

After taking a break in 2022, Schlüter Baumaschinenreturns to RATL. The company is Germany’s largest authorised dealer of Komatsu and Sennebogen machinery. On the digital front, N1 Trading and Mineral Wastewill present two pieces of software that largely automate the processing of disposal orders.

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