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BIR: ‘a lot still be to be done’

BIR members have been told the coming year will again be one of many challenges but the international recycling federation says it is in a strong position to meet them and support members interests.

The sentiment comes from director general Arnaud Brunet who notes in a New Year message that BIR’s finances have recovered from a difficult two-year period during the pandemic. During this period, he says, BIR has worked hard for the benefit of its members but‘there is still a lot that needs to be done’.

‘The general trend points towards more uncertainty and complexity. Many new regulations that are supposed to pave the way to decarbonisation and circular economy are diverting from their goals and will have opposite results,’ Brunet observes. ‘The European Waste Shipment Regulation revision is just one of many examples of unbalanced regulations, as are the ones emerging in South Africa, Malaysia or the Middle East.’

He goes on to state: ‘In an economy that is still global, consequences of such measures are not local or regional only. This is why we are, together with our national association members, totally dedicated to advocating our positions, defending our interests and offering other solutions to those who decide, wherever needed.’

Brunet argues that strong advocacy is impossible without solid data so BIR is producing a series of ‘strong and meaningful’ studies and analyses. ‘As an example, the positive contribution of our industry to decarbonisation will be at the centre of our efforts,’ he says.

BIR recruited 194 new members in 2022 and membership now stands at 870.

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