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BASF launches greener option for recycled PGMs

BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions has launched Verdium, described as a ‘new approach’ to recycling platinum group metals based on mass balance.

The company says that one kilogram of Verdium saves over 30 tonnes of carbon. This enables customers to verify their carbon reduction, track progress to their sustainability goals and help lower their scope 3 emissions.

The product will be available to Europe as well as US-based customers starting in January 2024. It has been independently validated by UL Solutions.

Documented verification provides insight into the number of recycled metals purchased and applied to select end products. These can be traced thanks to a concrete carbon metric.

‘This is a testament to our recycled metal approach that sets the standard in the platinum group metals space,’ says BASF precious metals specialist Tim Ingle. ‘It also brings transparency to the metals value chain. Now customers can track carbon reduction with accuracy and confidence.’

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