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Webinar: Find out how to efficiently recycle aluminium

Have you noticed that the production of aluminium objects is constantly growing? Aluminium is a high potential material that can be used in many different areas and can be 100% recycled countless times!

Forrec designs customised high-performance plants for aluminium recycling. These include:

  • FX primary shredder: double-shaft shredder with four motors and cutting sectors, used for volume reduction and initial roughing of ferrous and non-ferrous materials;
  • Hammer mill Z15: extremely powerful and fast, allows the grinding of heterogeneous materials;
  • XH single-rotor grinder: hydraulic slow running shredder with high torque and hard coating rotor surface against wear and tear caused by metals grinding.

Thanks to these industrial machines it is possible to process numerous types of products, such as: loose and baled cans, aluminium profiles, aluminium casts or wires.

Do you want to discover how they work?

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