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Old metalworking machines are worth money!

Metalworking companies often abandon outdated machines because they can no longer provide the desired input or do not have the most modern options. Saying goodbye does not mean throwing the machine on the scrap heap, but selling it to a scrap dealer, metal recycling company or a supplier of used metalworking machines, Scrap – especially nowadays with the high steel price – still yields a lot.

High value

Mach4Metal, a Dutch supplier of used metalworking machines, does a lot of good business with scrap dealers. This is mainly because many outdated metalworking machines are very useful for customers handling large, heavy and special parts. These robust machines have a lot of capacity and power. Besides, this type of ‘antique’ equipment is high value as the parts are made from high quality steel.

Scrap dealers can receive a commission from Mach4Metal if they tip it off about a planned closure of a metal processing factory, where machines will be sold. These are the perfect opportunities for Mach4Metal to make its move and expand its machine range.

Environmentally friendly

But the financial residual value is not the only incentive to sell your ‘discards’ to scrap dealers, metal recycling companies or second-hand suppliers such as Mach4Metal. Of course, you also serve the environment. After all, re-using machines saves a lot of emissions by reducing the need to mine, saving a lot of CO2, water and raw materials in the process.

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