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Update for Glen Creston’s roller crusher mill

United Kingdom – Glen Creston, a UK specialist in size-reduction technology, has fine-tuned its existing roller crusher mill. Supplied with a modernised control box with PLC, it allows remote monitoring and control of the crusher in process applications.

‘This rugged, slow-running mill is equipped with either a single or double roller shafts fitted with crushing cams which rotate between crushing and stripping combs,’ says the manufacturer. Different-shaped crushing elements are available depending on the material being handled by the recycler. The steel crushing cams are wear resistant and also ‘accurately spaced’ so that they pass between the crushing and stripping combs which are mounted laterally on opposite sides of the inner housing, the company explains.

The roller crusher mill is said to be ‘particularly suitable’ for de-agglomeration of materials from sacks or silos, for pre-crushing softer minerals and for granulating coarse, lumpy, caked or compacted materials such as plastic waste. The machine’s largest single-shaft unit is now 800 mm long by 500 mm wide internally. High temperature versions are available, the company adds.

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