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Wanted: recycling technology heroes

Recycling International is launching a new project to honour technology specialists and their latest innovations. These experts will be spotlighted in RI’s 2020-21 Recycling Technology special issue to be published in October.

‘It’s the smart men and women, the engineers working in test centres and at the design tables of equipment and technology providers who are at the heart of innovative solutions enabling recycling companies to boost their processes,’ says Recycling International’s chief editor Martijn Reintjes. ‘They are heroes. Without them, our industry would not be where it is today.’

With ever-stricter regulation and import bans worldwide, scrap quality has never been more important. ‘To achieve higher quality materials, you obviously need advanced and innovative solutions,’ says Reintjes. ‘Technology providers and their technology heroes are working ambitiously to help reach tough targets and new standards. Their crucial work and contribution deserve to be celebrated.’

Spotlight your engineering team

Recycling International invites recycling technology and equipment providers to nominate their technology stars and the innovations they’ve created. ‘That can be one person or a whole team,’ says Reintjes. ‘We are keen to learn what is keeping them busy and the solutions they’ve been working on.’

Recycling International also wants to spotlight those engineers responsible for operations at scrap recycling facilities; those in charge of the technical side of the processing; the ones who deliver first aid when a vital piece of machinery breaks down.

Send in your candidates

*Technology and machinery providers can contact our sales manager, Judith Wanjala: [email protected]

*Recyclers can contact the editorial staff: [email protected] or [email protected]

Would you like to share any interesting developments or article ideas with us? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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