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Recycling voting signs into FuelCubes

Millions of voting signs dotted the lawns and driveways of US homes the last few months. Now that the US election race is behind us, the question remains; what will become of all those signs?

The city of Orlando in Florida is setting a new example by partnering with local cement plant NuCycle Energy. It will transform the leftover signs into something called Enviro FuelCubes.

‘It powers their facility and instead of using fossil fuels, they use fuel cubes exclusively. These have a much lower carbon emission than fossil fuels,’ comments Andrea Ruiz-Hays, founder of Eco Strategies Group.

She says even the metal stakes supporting the multi-material signs are melted down. This beats collecting them with the regular household waste, in which case they often end up stuck in the gears of recycling equipment.

Five drop-off points have been announced to date.

Young woman wearing face mask holding I voted today sticker.

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