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Photo of the week: scrap rainbow

UK initiative Every Can Counts has created a large rainbow sculpture made from 2000 used aluminium beverage cans to promote recycling. You can spot the artwork at Brighton boulevard.

While the UK collects 76% of used aluminium cans for recycling, Brighton city is lagging behind, with residents only recycling 29% of their cans.

Local officials say this is largely due to littering, especially along the coast. What’s worse, the trend reached an all-time high during the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

A recent beach clean-up yielded no less than 11 tonnes of rubbish – mostly cans, wrappers and bottles – in just one single day. That’s 2000 bin liners full of waste; an increase of 267% compared to last year.

Do you want to help boost recycling rates? Join the #CANdunk challenge.

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