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WTO could change Ukraine’s scrap metal landscape

Ukraine – The Ukraine could cancel scrap export duties this year, the Director of the Metallurgprom association of metal companies – Vasyl Kharakhulakh – has reportedly told a meeting of mining and metals industry representatives in Dnipropetrovsk.

With the country willing to sign up to the World Trade Organization (WTO) treaty, the proposal forms part of a national debate which is focusing on the free movement of goods, according to a report in the Ukrainian Journal.

The WTO is calling on the Ukraine to cancel existing export duties on ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. In January 2011, the Ukraine’s ferrous scrap exports fell 56% month on month and 11.5% year on year to 26 450 tonnes, with all this material delivered to Turkey. The value of the Ukraine’s scrap export sales in January was 55.6% lower year on year at US$ 9.17 million.

This year, Ukrainian metal companies are expected to consume 7.3 million tonnes of scrap metal. When taking into account the launch of an electric furnace steelmaking workshop at Interpipe Dniprostal, annual demand for scrap is expected to grow a further 600 000 tonnes to almost 7.9 million tonnes.

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