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Wave of shocking discoveries at US recycling centres

United States – The New Jersey police department in the USA has reported a disturbing find at a local recycling plant on April 23 – a human foetus among standard kerbside recyclables including plastic bottles, cardboard and paper.Towards the end of a ReCommunity facility shift, a team of employees was sifting through the recyclables gathered that day when one of them discovered the foetus on a conveyor belt and immediately alerted the company. Detectives were called to the scene although the details of what had happened remained unclear pending an autopsy.
All staff at the ReCommunity plant have been asked to compile a list of township vehicles that made drop-offs at the plant between designated times in order to try to pinpoint where the specific pick-up was made.
This is the latest in a series of shocking discoveries at US recycling plants. On January 14 this year, workers at a Roseville recycling centre in Michigan found a deceased newborn bundled in cloth on a sorting line. And New Jersey State Police’€™s major crime unit is offering a reward of US$ 5000 for information leading to the identity of the person who dumped the headless remains of an infant girl found at a ReCommunity recycling centre in Monmouth County last November. FBI experts have been called in as part of the bid to solve the case.

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