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Waste and resource management at ‘tipping point’

UK – ‘€˜With resource and energy security issues high on the agenda, and the spectre of climate change now ever present, we are at an exciting tipping point,’€™ stated the newly-appointed President of the UK Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), John Skidmore, during his inauguration ceremony last week, at which he launched the organisation’€™s latest report on waste and resource management.

According to Mr Skidmore, the industry would greatly benefit from more government leadership as well as a ‘€˜co-ordinated approach across national boundaries’€™. A joined-up approach is ‘€˜critical’€™ to ensure that measures implemented in one country do not result in ‘€˜adverse or counter-productive impacts elsewhere’€™, says the report.

Organisations with a ‘€˜poor compliance record’€™ ought to be monitored strictly, as it is ‘€˜essential that serious waste crime is addressed’€™, it adds. CIWM hopes this will cut back on the number of recyclers and other service providers who are ‘€˜compromised by illegal or irresponsible operators’€™.

Mr Skidmore said that the waste prevention plans required by the EU Waste Framework Directive offer a ‘€˜unique opportunity to put in place a long-term vision to design-out waste by ensuring that the roles and responsibilities at every stage of the product supply chain are recognised’€™.

The new CIWM President added: ‘€˜There is no doubt that now is the time to be ambitious, to break down barriers, and to formulate a long-term vision for waste management and resource use and conservation – not just for the term of one government, not even for the next decade, but for the next 100 years and more.’€™

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