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Wanted: pictures that show the true beauty of recycling

WasteAid, a UK-based waste management charity whose objective is to prevent plastics from reaching the oceans, has launched a photography competition with the theme ‘The Wonders of Waste’.

Photographs are requested showing the beauty of scrap materials, recycled products or recycling processes. ‘For those with artistic flair or who simply enjoy taking photos, the WasteAid competition is a great way to inspire others to see waste as a resource,’ the organisation stresses.
‘People from around the world bring wonderfully creative ideas and ingenuity to their work with waste, and that’s what we would like to celebrate with the WasteAid photography competition and calendar,’ comments WasteAid’s head of communications Zoë Lenkiewicz.
WasteAid aims to inspire people to see waste through a different lens. ‘A lot of our problems with waste stem from our perceptions of it,’ says Lenkiewicz. ‘To fix the waste problem, we need to start by changing how we look at it. Or, as Confucius said: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”’
For example, entries could capture people working with waste, visually interesting machinery, collections of material or an interesting object made from scrap. An exhibition of the winning entries will take place at the RWM show in Birmingham, UK, on September 12-13.
The 12 winning photos will feature in the WasteAid 2019 calendar.

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