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Vietnam taps into waste-to-fuel recycling

Vietnam – With help of the Vietnam Environment JSC, the very first batch of oil was produced at an all-new recycling facility built at major port city Da Nang. This marks the country’€™s first chapter in solid waste to fuel recycling.

Investing roughly US$ 25 million in the cutting-edge plant, the Vietnam Environment JSC has ensured a productivity equalling nine tones of oil every day. According to the company’€™s Director, Nguyen Van Tuan, approximately three tons of plastic bags can be recycled into one ton of oil.

‘€˜With plastic bags accounting for 8 percent of the 650 tons of waste generated every day in Da Nang, the factory can produce around 17 tons of oil a day,’€™ he adds. Apart from fuel, also environment-friendly coal and bricks are produced at the plant, based on other kinds of garbage.

All materials, predominantly discarded plastics, are obtained from the garbage site, which is ideally located next door. Moreover, by opting to process this material, the plant is prospected to recycle 90%, leaving only 10% to be buried ‘€“ where in the past all of it was simply landfilled.

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