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UpCentre: Erema’s new recycling service

Austria – As part of its Corema offering, recycling technology provider Erema has launched a new service for sampling recycling compounds under the name UpCentre, located near the company’s headquarters at Ansfelden in Austria.

With its ‘use instead of buy’ motto, this service helps customers to open up new markets for their recyclates. ‘We give them the flexibility and speed they require,’ says Corema product manager Robert Obermayr. To enable recyclates to be used 1:1 as a substitute for virgin material, they must have exact specified, customised property profiles, it is noted.

According to Erema, processors are particularly interested in recycled pellets allowing ‘trouble-free’ further processing and the assurance of the functional characteristics of the end products produced from them. The new UpCentre will feature a Corema 1108 T which will compound volumes of up 200 tonnes on a monthly basis.

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