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Ukraine prepares for waste treatment make-over

Ukraine – Around 36 billion tonnes of waste has been accumulated in Ukraine, with only around 30% of industrial waste and 4% of household refuse being recycled, according to the nation’s Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry.

Only 75% of households have access to waste collection services, thus allowing ‘the formation of illegal landfills’ which are frequently overloaded and deemed ecologically unsafe, it says. The ministry estimates that the volume of hazardous waste present at these sites exceeds 1.5 billion tonnes.

In response, the government has approved the concept of a state waste treatment programme for the period 2013-2020, with the elimination of the most environmentally unfriendly facilities containing toxic waste slated for 2013-2015. Pilot projects will also be established relating to the construction of landfills, while facilities will be created to recycle and sterilise waste.

In the second stage of the programme for the period 2016-2020, measures will be adopted aimed at establishing a modern infrastructure for collection and recycling, as well as attracting investment into the waste treatment arena.

Source: Kyiv Post

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