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UK metals recycling body marks 100th birthday

Hundreds of UK metal recyclers have gathered in London to celebrate the 100th anniversary of their association.

In 1919, a number of regional groups combined to form the National Federation of Scrap Iron and Steel Merchants. Today it has become the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) and the president is Susie Burrage, a fourth-generation member of the metal recycling industry.

‘We can be proud’

Burrage told the anniversary dinner that most members are descended from family businesses and such roots made them all passionate about the industry. ‘While our ancestors may not have entered the industry to save the planet, as metal recyclers we are an essential ingredient in the circular economy, preserving finite resources for future generations and that is something we can all be proud of,’ she said.

Anniversary magazine

Ceo James Kelly, writing in a special anniversary magazine, said the BMRA was ‘perfectly placed’ to promote the increased use of scrap metals. ‘We can do this by supporting calls for carbon credits for foundries, reduced rate VAT on products containing recycled content and green public procurement policies amongst other sustainability led initiatives.’

A letter from Theresa May

The magazine also included a letter from the then Prime Minister Theresa May congratulating the BMRA on its centenary. She praised the organisation for its help in framing Government policy over the years. ‘Metals recycling in particular has helped to ensure that we can build our manufacturing economy and export materials for which extraction from the earth would have had a significant economic and environmental cost,’ May wrote.

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