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The world unites for the first-ever Global Recycling Day

Belgium – Johannesburg residents and recycling specialists alike joined hands to collect as much waste as possible all across the city to celebrate the first-ever Global Recycling Day. The special ‘€˜holiday’€™ saw people in various other major cities worldwide connect with their communities in hope to spread the recycling message.

For many months, the auspicious date 18 March was a talking point for industry stakeholders. Now, finally, Global Recycling Day is a fact.

The event received wide support from people in Delhi, Paris, Sao Paulo, Nepal, Washington, London, Sydney, Mongolia, Brussels – and many other communities, where it inspired recycling discussions as well as murals, refurbishing workshops, scrap art exhibitions, waste-picking walks and other fun and educational activities. People of all ages and backgrounds came together to participate in whatever way they could. 

‘Global Recycling Day first and foremost happened because of the vision and efforts of our president Ranjit Baxi. Thanks to this, a real movement has been ignited across the world,’ says the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), which advocated the need for a day dedicated to recycling.

Youngsters at schools in Brussels were happy to create

drawings and collages to celebrate Global Recycling Day.



The London promo campaign attracted lots of visitors – and helpers!



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