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Technology at heart of Quebec’s glass recycling plan

Canada – Over US$ 6.5 million will be invested to improve glass recycling in the Canadian province of Quebec, according to product stewardship organisation Éco Entreprises Québec (EEQ). The Innovative Glass Works Plan will see EEQ partner with recycling equipment specialists Machinex and Krysteline Technologies.According to EEQ, the first component of the plan involves installing Krysteline Technologies’€™ proven glass sorting and cleaning equipment in several sorting centres to conduct demonstration projects, an opportunity for which the 24 sorting centres in the province are invited to apply as of now. EEQ will also ask Quebec equipment providers to lodge proposals for equipment to be tested as part of R&D projects. The plan also aims to provide financial support to companies marketing new applications for recovered glass.
The ‘€˜unique’€™ patented technology offered by Krysteline is said to recover and refine all of the feedstock to meet the needs of existing and new markets. ‘€˜The technology that we have developed specifically addresses the challenges of kerbside recycling in Quebec, which are similar to those in Great Britain and Australia, where the same technology has been used successfully for several years,’€™ comments the company’€™s managing director Steve Whettingsteel.

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