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Sold! March 2003

* Eldan Scandinavian Recycling
Maryland Environmental Service of Annapolis, Maryland, U.S., has purchased a processing system for its new tyre recycling facility in Western Baltimore County, Maryland. The E-4000t unit manufactured by Eldan Scandinavian Recycling A/S of Faaborg, Denmark, and sold by Wendt Corp. of Tonawanda, NewYork, U.S., will reportedly enable the plant to convert 1.5 million scrap tyres each year into crumb rubber.
The system features a Super Chopper that reduces passenger and truck tyres to 6 inch chunks. A Heavy Rasper converts these chunks into chips smaller than ¾ inch while liberating more than 95% of tyre wire for recovery by a magnet. The chips are subsequently granulated to minus ¼ inch via the system’s Fine Granulator No. 1 and then to minus 1/8 inch by Granulator No. 2. The finished product is designed to be more than 99.9% free of liberated steel and fibre, says Wendt.

* Mayer Information Technology
Mayer Information Technology, supplier of recycling industry software such as Material Manager and Scale Manager, has announced the capture of seven new accounts in North and Latin America during the second half of 2002.
New ferrous and non-ferrous accounts in the U.S. are with: Blaze Recycling & Metals of Atlanta, Georgia; Palm Beach Metals of West Palm Beach, Florida; Strickland Trading of Shoal Creek, Birmingham, Alabama; Owl’€™s Head Alloys of Bowling Green, Kentucky. In Canada, meanwhile, software systems have been sold to Poscor Mill Service of Hamilton, Ontario, and Ram Iron & Metal of Concord, Ontario. A new account in Mexico has been set up with Zimmer S. A. de C. V., a metals processor and trading company located in Monterrey.
Mayer Information Technology has its headquarters in Markham, Ontario, Canada, and a U.S. sales office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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