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Shanks relies on Machinex sorting technology

Canada/UK – The UK’s Shanks Waste Management has signed a deal with Canadian recycling equipment specialist Machinex Industries to provide sorting technologies for its residual waste treatment venture in South Kirkby, Yorkshire. The custom-made facility is scheduled to be completed in 2015 and will enable Shanks to process around 230 000 tonnes a year of residual waste from homes in the Wakefield District.

‘Machinex will design, manufacture and install two state-of-the-art sorting systems including the latest technologies,’ the company confirms. ‘The first is a mixed dry recyclates sorting plant that will annually segregate around 36 000 tonnes of plastic, glass, metal containers, paper and cardboard.’ Special equipment such as optical sorters, a glass clean-up system and magnets for ferrous will help achieve a purity rate of 95%, it adds.

The second system from Machinex will segregate a variety of materials from residual waste at a rate of 30 tonnes per hour. ‘The main goal of this system is to obtain a final fraction that meets the standards to produce refuse-derived fuel (RDF); the priority is to remove RDF contaminants by maximising organics recovery and ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovery,’ says Machinex.

According to Pierre Paré, CEO of the Machinex Group, the contract offers a great opportunity for the company to showcase its ‘custom design capability’ in the UK market.

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