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Sensor-based sorting advances on the radar in Germany

Germany – The latest trends and best practices regarding sensor-based sorting technology will take centre stage at this much-anticipated annual conference in the German city of Aachen. Presentations will focus on sensor systems that recognise different characteristics without contact or destruction for the purpose of separation or process control.

The two-day event will bring together recyclers, engineers, academics and other industry experts from around the globe – including Japan, South Africa and Canada. For example, Fraunhofer Institute specialist Christian Brandt will provide an update on the sorting of black plastics using statistical pattern recognition on terahertz frequency domain data.

Topics to be covered in the presentations will also include: an advanced computer vision system to perform remote waste sorting; adaptive colour sorting of plastic granulates; automated segmentation of electronic components on waste printed circuit boards; novel XRF sensors for increased sorting efficiency; and automated LIBS-based classification for spent refractories from the steel sector.

The seventh edition of this congress will take place at the Couvenhalle, which is now part of RWTH Aachen University.

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