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Scotland’s recycling rate extends beyond 44%

Scotland – Local authorities in Scotland recycled 44.3% of the household waste they collected in 2015 – an increase of 1.4 percentage points over the previous year but still shy of the 50% target originally set to be achieved by 2013.

The amount of household waste recycled increased by 34 411 tonnes last year. The largest quantities of material recycled or reused in 2015 corresponded to paper and card on 222 600 tonnes followed by glass on 100 830 tonnes, according to official statistics issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

The data indicate that 1.14 million tonnes of Scotland’s household waste was landfilled last year, equivalent to 46.4% of the volume generated. This represented a drop of 72 466 tonnes or 6% from the amount landfilled in 2014.

Meanwhile, the total quantity of household waste generated in Scotland declined 0.1% last year to 2.46 million tonnes. ‘In general, household waste generation has been decreasing over the last few years with a reduction of 149 473 tonnes (5.7%) since 2011,’ it is pointed out.

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