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Scotland aims to ‘unlock’ the value of waste

Europe – The Scottish government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) have announced ‘€˜a new dawn for recycling in the country’€™ with a nationwide agreement on ‘€˜consistent’€™ recycling systems as detailed in a code of practice.

The new approach will include a three-stream recycling system, which will include one container for glass, one for paper and card, and one for metals and plastics, together with existing food waste and residuals collections. Over the course of time, the intention is to move to a common colour system.

Scotland’s environment secretary Richard Lochhead says this will ‘sweep away’ the confusion many citizens feel when dealing with the various ‘difficult’ recycling systems available. ‘This shift will maximise the quantity and quality of materials captured, and allow us to give consistent national messages about what people should do with their recycling, wherever they are in Scotland,’ he argues.

COSLA explains that councils can sign up to the voluntary charter from January. They will then receive support from Zero Waste Scotland in developing plans to introduce the system. The new approach could prove to be ‘a hugely significant opportunity that will unlock the value in household waste’, says COSLA representative Stephen Hagan.

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