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‘Robust’ glass recycling market has bright future

Glass recycling is a robust niche market that will be worth more than US$ 4.4 billion (EUR 3.75 billion) by 2025, new data by Global Market Insights has indicated.

Based on revenue, clear cullet is likely to account for around 60% of the global recycled glass market in 2025. Clear cullet is manufactured generally from soda, beer and soft drink bottles, flat glass, as well as food packaging. The current recycling rates for glass bottles are between 50% to 80%, partly because of the significantly lower temperatures needed to melt recycled cullet compared to virgin cullet.

Best practice in Sweden

As an example, Sweden’s recycled glass market is likely to generate revenue of around US$ 6.9 million (Euro 5.8 million) in 2025 as the government has provided various subsidies to increase the recycling rate of glass products. According to Avfall Sverige, the Swedish recycling and waste management association, the country is aiming for zero waste by the end of 2020.

Beverage packaging

The alcohol packaging industry will play a ‘vital’ role in the recycled product market as it acts as main raw material supplier and end-user industry for this market. Recycled glass is also used in the pharmaceutical industry to preserve medicines, increasing demand for vitric products and further boosting the worldwide recycled glass market.

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