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Recycling in the USA: fines, battery growth & agricultural plastics

United States – Here are the latest North American industry updates from our content partner Resource Recycling.

A technology company with a unique approach to lead-acid battery recycling has broken ground on a $30 million facility in Nevada. The company, Aqua Metals, says it aims to open more facilities across the country.

The city of Austin, Texas is actively looking for tenants of its in-development industrial park for companies that leverage recycled materials. The goal of the project is to keep collected materials in the Central Texas economy, sparking environmental and economic benefits.

A recent conference in California highlighted best practices and roadblocks in the realm of agricultural plastics recycling. Plastic film used in fields, pesticide containers and other products have long been difficult to recover for recycling programs.

A Minnesota-based electronics recycling company that has faced regulatory hurdles in recent years has shut down. The business, Materials Processing Corp., this spring was fined US$ 125 000 by state regulators for CRT glass management infractions.


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