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Recycling boost for the US economy

USA – The US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) has released a study which confirms the substantial economic and environmental impact of the domestic scrap industry.
The study, commissioned by ISRI and undertaken by John Dunham and Associates, reveals that the US scrap recycling industry is ‘a major economic engine’ powerful enough to create 459 131 jobs and generate US$ 10.3 billion in tax revenues for governments across the country, notes the organisation.
ISRI’s President Robin Wiener comments: ‘All this adds up to recognition that the scrap recycling industry must be allowed to grow so it can continue to boost our economy, put people to work, protect our environment and help save energy. When people think of recycling, they think of the bin at the kerb when in fact our industry is a multi-billion-dollar, “Made in America” manufacturing success story.’
According to ISRI, the US scrap recycling industry is particularly important because its operations are so widespread. Total economic activity generated by scrap recycling in the USA exceeds US$ 90.6 billion.
The economic study can be viewed in its entirety at

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