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PV Cycle France is fifth to meet WEEE obligations

France – Leading players in the French photovoltaic industry have established PV Cycle France for the collective management of discarded PV modules under upcoming French WEEE law. By working together, the partners hope they will be better prepared to meet their future legislative obligations.

The new legal entity PV Cycle France is a collaboration between the PV Cycle Association, Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables, Urbasolar, Sillia Energie and various other players. Together, the trade bodies and individual companies representing different industry sectors aim to play a leading role in managing WEEE-compliant take-back and recycling services for the French PV market.

′As part of the organisational setting-up of PV Cycle France, the PV Cycle Association was mandated to carry out the operational task of collecting and recycling discarded PV modules as well as managing WEEE-compliance for French members,′ the association noted. The latter responsibility includes administrative and financial obligations.

PV Cycle France is PV Cycle′s fifth national organisation, following on from similar initiatives in Germany, Italy, the UK and Spain.

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