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PV Cycle achieves new recycling record

Europe – PV Cycle, the pan-European waste management programme for all photovoltaic (PV) technologies, has announced a 96% recycling rate – ‘€˜a new record in real-world performance’€™. A new PV Cycle process allows for the recycling of silicon flakes, a combination of EVA laminate, silicon-based semiconductors and metals, in an economic and environmentally sound manner. With average recycling rates of 90% for silicon-based (all recycling partners combined) and up to 97% for non-silicon-based PV modules, PV Cycle’€™s European business has already exceeded both industry and legislative standards. ‘€˜Our recycling solutions go far beyond pre-treatment and the recycling of aluminium frames,’€™ says Jan Clyncke, managing director of the PV Cycle Association.
‘€˜Our recent breakthrough in silicon-PV recycling is the result of both continuous improvement and intensive research and development along the value chain,’€™ adds Olmina Della Monica, head of treatment & operations.

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