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PUMA closes the loop with ‘clever’ materials

Global – Sportswear brand PUMA is releasing its first line of closed-loop footwear, apparel and accessories called InCycle. The new products are either biodegradable or recyclable and are ‘100% Cradle-to-Cradle Basic certified’, says the company.

The revelation that 57% of PUMA’s environmental impacts are associated with production of raw materials such as leather, cotton and rubber is what spurred the sportswear manufacturer to take the use of sustainable materials to the next level. Its new recyclable Track Jacket, for example, is made from 98% recycled polyester derived from used PET bottles. ‘To fully ensure the homogeneity of materials, the recyclable jacket’s zipper was made of recycled polyester as well,’ notes PUMA.

The InCycle collection also includes a biodegradable lifestyle sneaker Basket, biodegradable shirt and recyclable backpack. Relying on ‘clever’ materials such as biodegradable polymers, recycled polyester and organic cotton, the company has been able to eliminate the use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and other hazardous chemicals. The new products are expected to reduce environmental impact by a third compared to their conventional counterparts. 

‘We feel that we are responsible for the environmental impact our products cause and this innovative concept in sustainability is a first step towards our long-term vision of using innovative materials and design concepts for our products that can be recycled in technical processes or composted in biological cycles,’ comments PUMA’s CEO Franz Koch.

The new collection will be available in PUMA stores worldwide as of this month.

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