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Optimised recycling born on the drawing board

United States – The US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) is calling on innovative companies to enter its 2014 Design for Recycling Award. Though the competition was launched over 25 years ago, ISRI president Robin Wiener still considers it important to remind the industry that ‘effective recycling begins at the drawing board’.

ISRI is eager to reward pioneering businesses and individuals with the mindset of producing products that can be safely and easily recycled, comments Wiener. ‘When designing a product, manufacturers should be giving just as much of a priority to its ability to be recycled as they do cost, appearance and other factors,’ she argues.

A number of criteria have been set for potential entrants. For example, the product must contain the maximum amount of materials that are recyclable; include the use of recycled materials or compounds; be cost-effective for treatment; allow easy processing; be free of hazardous materials that are either not recyclable or hinder recycling; and minimise the time and cost involved to recycle the product.

Previous winners of the ISRI Design for Recycling Award include Cascades Fine Papers Group, the Coca-Cola Recycling Company and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The deadline for sending in entries online is February 14 2014. ISRI will announce the winner at its 2014 Convention and Exposition to be held on April 6-10 in Las Vegas.

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