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‘No more frustration’ with Waste Choices

Australia – With the launch of Waste Choices, Australia has its first online marketplace for waste management and recycling, aimed at businesses wanting a ‘transparent and compliant solution for waste collection, recycling, treatment and disposal’.

Through Waste Choices, businesses of any size have the flexibility to post a one-off project or an ongoing contract for the management of over 30 waste streams. They can enter the pick-up location and type of waste to be collected (including hazardous materials), and select a bin size to represent the volume of waste. They will then be able to select from a range of competitive bids from 14 national and state-based waste management providers like Waste 2 Resources and URM, and make a decision based on price or reputation of the provider.

This means ′no more salesmen at your door, no more time-consuming phone calls, and no more confusing offers – and no more frustration′, according to Waste Choices. And it adds: ′The cost of managing and disposing of waste has increased over the years. Waste Choices offers businesses a better way to manage their waste streams by providing more options and access to a wider range of service providers.′

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