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New Yorkers say ‘no’ to e-dumping lifestyle

The volume of ‘improperly disposed’ electronic scrap in New York city has decreased by nearly 60% from 2005 to 2017. The significant improvement in waste mangement is mostly thanks to several dedicated electronics recycling programmes serving the more than 8 million residents in the area, according to the New York City Department of Sanitation

The ecycleNYC recycling scheme established in 2013 by US electronics recycler leader DSNY and data destruction specialist ERI has definitely not gone unnoticed. The initiative successfully recyceld 29 million pounds worth of end-of-life devices in just five years time. The dedicated e-scrap scheme was further boosted by a total ban on e-scrap dumping – citizens unable to break their habit risk a US$ 100 fine.

Handheld gadgets as well as computers, printers, game consoles, televisions etc. are all accepted by the scheme. Excluded are white goods, batteries and light bulbs.

‘Incredible opportunities’ for e-scrap

Organising various recycling events and drop-off programmes year-round further enhanced waste management in New York city, says sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia. Citing a new figures, she says: ‘Our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste are working. The average New York City household throws away less and recycles more today than five years ago.’

Garcia remarks that the department’s latest study also shows that there are ‘incredible opportunities’ to develop and grow programmes to achieve even better results. ‘We are working toward our goal of sending zero waste to landfills by 2030,’ she points out.

Sustainable mindset

‘We are honored to be part of the constructive collaboration and historic and successful partnership with the great city of New York and the sustainably-minded manufacturers who helped to make the programme possible,’ comments ERI ceo John Shegerian. 

He reveals that his company recently shared best practices in data desctruction and electronics recycling with a visiting delegation from Sri Lanka. ERI currently processes more than 275 million pounds of unwanted electronics annually at eight locations, ‘serving every zip code in the United States’.

‘Environmental sustainability is a core business principle at LG, and responsible electronics recycling is a key pillar of our programs in the United States. We’re proud of our role in significantly reducing e-waste in landfills, thanks to this kind of public-private partnership in cooperation with New York and leading certified recyclers like ERI,’ adds John Taylor, senior vice president Public Affairs & Sustainability for LG Electronics USA.

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