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New name for Schnitzer Steel

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Schnitzer Steel Industries, which began operations in Portland, Oregon in the US in 1906 has re-branded itself as Radius Recycling.

The company has operating facilities in 25 states as well as in Puerto Rico and Canada. It has seven deep water export facilities.

‘As Radius Recycling, the company’s new identity will better align with its role as one of the largest metal recyclers, more closely reflect its position in the circular economy, and further its commitment to advance the recovery, reuse, and recycling of the essential metals required to support global carbon reduction,’ says a press release.

Wider range

Chairman and ceo Tamara Lundgren says the range of the company’s business activities extends beyond that implied by the former name Schnitzer Steel.

‘Our growth has been marked by expansion in both scope and scale, and we now operate in over 100 communities across North America. Our work and our purpose have neverbeen more relevant than they are today,’ she goes on. ‘Our new identity clearly affirms our vision for a sustainable future. Radius Recycling is a name that represents our 3 500 employees, thousands of stakeholders and a future in which recycled metals sit at the centre of progress, seamlessly connecting all points within the circular economy.

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