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Major sorting plant boosts Brazil’s recycling potential

Orizon's Alexandre Citvaras.

Recycling tech expert Stadler has caught a big fish in Brazil by signing an agreement with waste management major Orizon Valorização de Resíduos to build the country’s largest mechanical sorting plant for municipal waste. Once operational, the facility will be able to process 500 000 tonnes of solid waste per year.

Orizon Valorização de Resíduos operates five ecoparks in Brazil and its waste management and processing facilities receive approximately 4.6 million tonnes of waste per year, serving approximately 20 million people and more than 500 business customers.

The agreement is said to represent a technological breakthrough in the operations of the Jaboatão dos Guararapes Ecopark in Pernambuco, northeast Brazil, allowing greater reuse of recyclable waste. In 2020, the plant received 1.5 million tonnes of material, generated by 3.7 million people.

Stadler’s Henrique Filgueiras.

The new plant will improve the sorting process at Orizon, enabling the company to deliver higher quality materials to domestic and international markets. ‘Our biggest challenge has been to design a sorting process with proven technology that increases the efficiency of the waste treatment at the Jaboatão dos Guararapes Ecopark,’ says Alexandre Citvaras, the company’s director of business development.

With the new plant, Orizon expects to boost sorting efficiency up to 85%. It will have a 150-strong workforce and operations will kick off next year.

3D drawing of the sorting plant.

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