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Lindemann celebrates restored independence

Lindemann ceo Ioannis Giouvanitskas.

After more than 20 years as part of the Finnish Metso group, Germany’s metal recycling machinery specialist Lindemann is again operating as independent entity from its Düsseldorf base.

Last year, Swedish investor Mimir acquired the unit, which is now operating under the name Lindemann Metal Recycling Solutions.

Lindemann ceo Ioannis Giouvanitskas says: ‘Mimir has all the necessary resources to support Lindemann in expanding its leading position in the market in the medium term; a great opportunity for lifting the company to the next level and to return its focus to the core values of the founder Waldemar Lindemann: quality, performance and innovation.’

Giouvanitskas confirms that all functional departments, administration and the service centre will continue to operate from the Düsseldorf HQ with a large part of machine production taking place within 150km of the city.

‘The connections to our international sites are simply ideal from here. Lindemann currently has 180 employees at 14 locations worldwide.’

Good outlook

Lindemann believes global demand for steel will continue to rise in the medium term and demand for secondary raw materials like steel and scrap metal will also increase significantly. Due to increasingly strict environmental regulations globally, production in many countries is being switched to more energy-efficient processes such as electric arc furnaces which can utilise up to 100% steel scrap.

‘This development is having a very positive impact on our business,’ adds Martin Hafer, cfo and director of Lindemann Germany. ‘The new machine business, as well as demand for services, has risen noticeably. In addition, as a premium supplier, we are constantly being asked by our discerning customers to offer sustainable complete solutions in all of our business area.’

Giouvanitskas sees the company as a full-solution provider for the global metal recycling market in the medium term. ‘We want to invest even more in new technologies, drive digitalisation forward and increasingly take on environmental issues such as the reduction of emission values ​through state-of-the-art de-dusting systems.’


Founded: 1913 by Waldemar Lindemann

Employees: 180

Locations worldwide: 14

Machines: Shredders, shears, balers for the metal recycling industry

Lindemann’s first metal recycling machine was exported to England in 1923. The oldest machine still active is a scrap shear from the early 1970s in Spain.

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