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ISRI to crown LG as its design for recycling winner

Canada – LG Electronics is to be the recipient of the 2015 Design for Recycling Award from the US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). The electronics company has earned particular praise for its new ‘€˜recycling-friendly’€™ televisions.

LG is actively ‘prioritising recyclability’ in the design and manufacture of its products, says ISRI’s president Robin Wiener, who will present this annual award to LG on April 25 as part of the 2015 ISRI Convention and Exposition in Vancouver, Canada.

The company will be recognised specifically for its 4K Ultra HD OLED and LED television sets which feature both recycled and recyclable plastics, standardised materials and connection types, and easy dismantling and label/seal separation. Both types of display panel are mercury-free and avoid the use of PVC and brominated flame retardant-bearing components. Finally, the packaging is smaller and lighter.

Commitment to sustainability ‘serves as a core principle for LG’, says Wiener. ‘The initiatives they have undertaken to increase product recyclability, improve resource efficiency and expand the use of recycled materials within the manufacturing process made LG a perfect selection for this year’s award.’

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