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Industry unites to realise 90% glass collection

The European glass packaging industry says it strives to collect 90% of glass for recycling by 2030.

The ambitious target comes as a response to new EU rules to increase net recycling targets for glass packaging to 75% by 2030. At the moment, already 76% of glass packaging produced in EU nations is collected for bottle to bottle recycling. This puts glass ‘in a league of its own’, according to the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE).

In order to get collection rates up to 90%, the group  is creating a new stewardship programme called “Close the Glass Loop”. The new initiative will be shaped in the coming months in partnership with many value chain partners. The official platform launch is planned in June 2020.

It all starts with collection, observes FEVE President Michel Giannuzzi. More availability of good quality cullet means a more resource-efficient production process, thus providing ‘a premium level, safe and truly recycled packaging material.’

Gianuzzi stresses: ‘To be successful, we need to work locally in every EU member state, while sharing best practices and raising ambitions via a European platform. We don’t believe in a single European model for glass collection, but we do believe in a single ambition.’

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