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Growth leads Texas Recycling to relocate

Craig and Joel Litman are celebrating the expansion of Texas Recycling Inc.

United States – Texas Recycling/Surplus Inc., one of Dallas’€™ oldest locally-based paper recycling companies, has expanded its operations, moving to a 180 000-square-foot building in the same US city. ‘€˜The space at our new plant provides room for further expansion, along with flexibility for handling a wider variety of scrap materials,’€™ says company vice president and chief financial officer Craig Litman.

Following its launch in 1992, the company – which has been renamed Texas Recycling Inc. – collected and sold all grades of paper and packaging before branching out into handling post-industrial plastics some 10 years ago. More recently, it also started trading ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals.

The new location, formerly a Ford Motor vehicle assembly plant, overcomes the problem of business growth leading to a lack of space. ‘At times, we were working out of six buildings at once,’ Litman comments. ‘With our new home and ramped-up growth into metals and plastics, the new name reflects our focus,’ adds company president Joel Litman.

Texas Recycling has purchased a Harris Centurion 200 two-ram baler to support the new operation. It also features a multi-station sorting line and a 70-foot truck scale.

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