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GreenTec award for ‘dandelion’ rubber

Germany – German company Saperatec won the Recycling and Resources category at this year’s GreenTec Awards, which took place during the IFAT trade fair.

A total of 15 awards were made at the Munich event, marking breakthroughs in the automotive, manufacturing, energy, aviation and lifestyle sectors as well as materials recycling.

Saperatec′s micro-emulsion method allows the separation and recovery of composite materials in a way that ′was not possible until now,′ judges noted. The technology behind the innovation can be applied to a wide variety of materials, but separating plastic and aluminium in packaging was highlighted as no longer representing an ′unresolved challenge′.

In the Automobility category, tyre manufacturer Continental Reifen Deutschland and the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology impressed the jury with Rubin, a ′natural rubber′ produced from dandelions.

An ′eco′ alternative to plastic beverage straws, introduced by Bio-Strohhalme, picked up the plaudits in the Lifestyle category. The manufacturer claims that Bio-Nature Straws, made indeed from straw, could potentially eliminate 25 000 tonnes of plastic waste created in Germany alone each year.

The GreenTec Awards, first launched in 2008, seek to highlight innovative environmental initiatives while promoting ′enthusiasm for technology′.

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