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Google looks to take circular economy to ‘next level’

Global – Google is partnering the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in a mission to launch new recycling and waste reduction initiatives in the near future.

Google vice president Jim Miller has stated on his blog: ‘Over the coming months, we’ll be working with the Foundation to explore and shape a series of initiatives to embed circular economic principles into the fabric of Google’s infrastructure, operations and culture,’ Miller states. He hopes that these efforts will take waste reduction and sustainability to ‘the next level’.

Already, the company has reduced waste in the areas of energy, materials, food and water, and has repurposed enough outdated servers since 2007 to avoid buying 300 000 new machines. Miller adds that the company has kept 10 000 tonnes of material out of landfills by recycling demolition waste and onsite materials.

Retired British sailor Ellen MacArthur, the founder of the foundation bearing her name, comments: ‘Google’s ambition to lead the way on the circular economy represents a step-change opportunity – we are thrilled to be working closely together with such a visionary, innovative and transformational partner on this journey.’

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has previously welcomed big brands Cisco, Kingfisher, Philips, Renault and Unilever as its ‘Global Partners’ in accelerating the transition to a circular economy.

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