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It’s raining initiatives for Global Recycling Day

Do you know what makes next Monday special? It will be Global Recycling day.

The organisers of Global Recycling Day, which will take place on 18 March, have published a list of the expected highlights of events and initiatives planned to honour the worldwide event. This year’s theme is ‘Recycling into the Future’. It was specifically picked to encourage young kids and students to support recycling in their own communities.

The Global Recycling Foundation (GRF) says it is proud to be collaborating with various organisations across the globe to stage events and activities ranging from school fun days to fashion shows and art exhibitions. 

A BIR initiative, Global Recycling Day was first held in 2018 and activities this year include:

*The Inland Importers and Consumers Association of India is organising a celebration for more than 2000 children including workshops, discussions and a lunch. The Tinna Group is also working with The British School in New Delhi and an orphanage to raise awareness.  

*The Department of Environment in South Africa is planning an exhibition on recycling and has invited local school children in Durban. The aim is to educate children and young people on recycling and how they can contribute to the circular economy. 

*U-Recycle, an organisation that educates local children on recycling in Lagos, Nigeria will stage a fashion show with clothes made from recycled materials, a fun fair in the city, an art exhibition featuring local schools and a series of recycling games, such as an obstacle course.  

*In London, UK Sponsored by Shaftesbury PLC, a team will be in Carnaby Street on 18 March encouraging individuals to take part in the #RecyclingGoals challenge. The Forest School in London will also be conducting a litter pick for students. 

*Latin America’s waste and recycling event organiser Exposucata, will be working with local schools in Sao Paolo, Brazil to promote Global Recycling Day, as well as the #RecyclingGoals challenge.

*Seoul, South Korea – South Korean recycling activist Yong J.Lee is heading up celebrations with special education packs to be shared with local schools.

*The US Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) is promoting the day on Capitol Hill and inviting senators to take part in their activities. The organisation is working on a White House proclamation and a statement from House Recycling Caucus Co-Chairs, as well as reaching out to schools to get involved in the day.

Find out all about this new holiday here!

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