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Global crude steel production declines

Total world production of crude steel in 2022 was 1 878.5 million tonnes, a 4.2% decrease on 2021, according to the World Steel Association.

China still dominates the global league table with output of more than one thousand million tonnes but production was down 2.1% on the year before.

Among others in the top 10, only India at +5.5% and Iran (+8.0%) increased production in 2022. Declines were recorded last year by the remaining seven: Japan (-7.4%), USA (-5.9%), Russia (estimated to be 5.9% down), South Korea (-6.5%), Germany (-8.4%), Turkey (-12.9%) and Brazil (-5.8%).

The latest monthly snapshot from the World Steel Association shows output of 140.7 million tonnes (Mt) in December 2022, a 10.8% decrease compared to December 2021.

China produced 77.9 Mt in December 2022, down 9.8% while India’s total was 10.6 Mt, up 0.8%. Japan produced 6.9 Mt (-13.1%); the United States 6.5 Mt (-down 8.3%); Russia 5.5 Mt (-11.3%); South Korea 5.2 Mt (-11.6%); Germany 2.7 Mt (14.6%); Turkey 2.7 Mt (-20.0%); Brazil 2.5 Mt (-5.2%) and Iran 2.7 Mt (+3.3%).

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